Tourism and heritage
 Heritage Sites
 Sites in Kwa-Zulu Natal
Towns and other Areas/Provinces
Heritage Legislation
Tourism : White Paper
Fifty must-see South African heritage sites
National Monuments Cuncil : Home Page
To provide legal protection for the historical and cultural heritage and to promote, manage and co-ordinate the conservation of that heritage for the people of South Africa.
Arts and Culture guide to South Africa for 2000
Southern Africa Environment Page
Smithsonian Highlights : Africa , history and Culture

Masterpieces from Central Africa. Masks, headrests, staffs, ancestral statues and ceremonial figures provide insight into Africa's cultural heritage.
World Heritage List The World Heritage List is the list of the World's cultural and natural heritage recognized as exhibiting outstanding universal value. Workshop on Cultural Heritage Management and Field Work Methods in Africa.
Dialogue among cultures : Iron Roads in Africa
Rock Art Research Centre - UNESCO
African museums and related organisations on the Internet
Tourism and Environment
Arts and Museums - African Cultures

The starting place for exploring Africa and getting to know African cultural stereotypes.
Africa: Archaeology & Anthropology

Images from South Africa -also cover anthropology, paleontology, of South Africa.
Cultural Heritage, Arts, and the Built Environment

A service of the Southern Africa Environment Project Cultural Heritage Links Robben Island Links African Art Links Department of Arts, Culture, Technology etc.
South African Arts, Culture and Heritage Homepage
Unisa: Department of Anthropology & Archaeology. Index

Explore the department's newsletter, course descriptions, project profiles
 Huguenot Society of South Africa

Heritage society details the Huguenot Monument, Huguenot Memorial Museum, surnames in South Africa, and a profile of the Huguenot Cross.
Narrating South Africa: Journalism, Ethnography and Public Culture
Boer War: Heritage Resources Saint John
South African Natural Heritage Programme
September 24 is Heritage Day
South Africa Arts & Culture: Prehistory

The Klasies River Cave in the Eastern Cape, where archaeologists have found human remains dating well over 100 000 years.
Find your Roots/Ancestry - Ships Register of Indentured Indians


Articles/Worshops etc

Mare, G :Branding and the privatisation of public space: the Zulu Kingdom and global tourism

Museums restructuring and the re-alignment of heritage in SAAugust 6, 1998

World Culture Report: Minority heritage: a priority for the networks - Isabelle Vinson

It's time for true African museums

Africa, said to be the birthplace of the human race, is also reputed to have the richest cultural heritage in the world.

Past Human and Cultural Development - South African Museums

Using clues left behind over the millennia, we can trace our history in southern Africa from the very beginnings of human development some 2.5 million years ago.

LEARNZ99 - What is a world heritage area Real time curriculum based learning experiences. (

The Power of Culture - Discussion Forum

(Post new message Charles Malan What cultural policy guidelines are needed by countries such as South Africa? What about cultural industries? .

Workshop on Cultural Heritage Management and Field Work Methods in Africa - Tradition Vs Science: Managing the Cultural Heritage in Zimbabwe


National Trust of South Africa - Conference


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