1 The impact of urbanisation on the family structure of the Zulu's in Isithebe - Natal
2 Impact of Christianity in African society
3 A study of the incidents of sorcery and witchcraft among the residents of Northdale in Pietermaritzburg
4 Nigerian factory workers
5 The organization and services offered by traditional 1990 healers in central Durban
6 Traditional medicine and healing amongst the Indian people of Merebank
7 The effects of the 1985 B.B Bakers Bread strikes on the workers and their families
8 Effects of work on mothers and their children
9 Indian Christians in Phoenix 1987
10 A study of African domestic workers in an Inanda 1986 Town ship
11 A situational analysis of black domestic workers in 1986 Reservoir Hills
12 An Anthropological study of the reasons for people 1989 leaving school and seeking for employment
13 The attitudes of middle class people towards 1989 prostitution
14 An investigation into the attitudes of a Tamil 1987 residence in the Havenside area towards the concept of "Death" ceremonies and rituals

Box 5 Thesis (continued)

1 Working mother from the low income group
2 The working conditions of women in the area of Mt. Edgecombe
3 The roots of female subordination lies in one's 1986 cultural heritage
4 A study of outbuilding dwellers in the Montford and Risecliff area of Chatsworth
5 The attitudes of students and lectures towards Indian music at University of Durban - Westville
6 Changing attitudes of marriage and family among ` Hindu in South Africa
7 Change in the family structure and living styles 1987 with a movement from a rural area to an urban
8 The study of garden boys in the Amanzimtoti area 1992
9 Attempt suicide among the patients of the R.K.Khan 1988
hospital [1986]
10 An anthropology study of Indian classical dance in Durban
11 The extent to which the joint family system and arranged marriages are still prevalent among the Gujerati speaking Hindus in Durban
12 Family and ritual among Hindus in Newcastle
13 Coping with unemployment strategies for survival
14 The quality of life of Chatsworth residents
15 Causes of the faction fights in the Maphumulo district
16 Attitudes of the Hindi speaking community of 1987
Shallcross towards funerary rites and ceremonies
17 Animal sacrifice among Hindi speaking Hindus of Sea Cowlake
18 Inadequate housing :slum areas and social problems
there of
19 The social problems associated with the abuse of 1998 alcohol and drugs in the small yet developing Indian town of Dalton
20 Waiting for a shutdown. Migrant workers from 1986 an urban area : specific reference to the case studies from Newlands East
21 Islam : Religion and Ritual
22 The effects of socio-economic factors affecting the formation of a subculture (gang) in an Indian suburb such as Chatsworth
23 Religion and ritual amongst Hindus in Tongaat
24 Black on black exploitation domestic labor in South Africa
25 Research on divorce amongst Hindu women in the area of Stanger
26 The effect of Westernization on the Indian culture 1989 culture and way of life with specific reference to the South African Indian community
27 The political attitude of the Indian community of Mobeni Heights, towards the House of Delegates
28 Research projects carried out amongst black domestic workers in the area of Stanger Manor
29 Socio-cultural determinants in dietary choice and nutrition intake in an urban Indian general practice
30 What do whites think ? a survey of white "upper class" opinion on recent legislative changes in South Africa
31 Women and politics in a squatter settlement in 1995 Pietermaritzburg
32 The leads of residential satisfaction in public housing sector
33 Housing and developmental problems in Mountview- 1987 Verulam
34 Evolution of African education in South Africa , 1989 particularly in Natal prior to 1972
35 Social change among Indians in Africa
36 Ancestors worship amongst the Hindu people 1987
37 An analysis of the relative importance of work and leisure in an Industrial society
38 Change in marriage and family among Hindus in Isipingo
39 The degree of prevalence of the caste system among a select group of Indians in
40 How politics operates at the club and association level
41 The degree to which caste is a principle used in marriage arrangements amongst Hindus in Durban
42 A study of social interaction patterns of dwellers 1988 of two blocks of flats in Overport
43 The battered wife syndrome 21 survey cone among 1988 Hindu women women in High Ridge Stanger
44 A study of the attitudes of a selected group of 1985 Indian people towards urban terrorism
45 The symbolic significance of gifts and ritual ingredients used in Hindu-marriage-ceremonies in Durban
46 Journey to walk patterns and costs and its effects 1985 on the socio-economic status of commuters in Umhlatuzana township
47 The attitudes of the students at the UDW towards 1989 food, marriage and sex and the general living conditions at the hostels
48 Investigation of African youth in multi-racial schools in Johannesburg
49 Why so many marriages are felling apart [special reference to Umlazi]
50 Acculturation among the Telegu community in South Africa
51 The part played by tradition and modernity among Muslims in Merebank
52 Religion and Ritual among Moslems in South Africa
53 Effects of unemployment on the families of the African people at Umlazi Township
54 Caste and religion in Urban India
55 The degree of prevalence of the caste system among Hindus in Durban