Ela Gandhi Collection  Accession :



19.4.84 Advt. Don't vote by doctors and dentists.

" Indian pupils .warned : boycott will risk suspension

" Pensioners did not qualify for special vote

" Botha's appeal to coloureds and Indians to vote.

" Low poll says it all

" House of delegates will have political clout

" Vote entitles you to a say at the highest level

" At last there's a chance for upliftment

" Advt. Gandhi to Sewpersadh

" Half truth is a lie.

" NNP advertisement

" Election forum

" Don't boycott

" Free State University students, we don't want blacks here



26.8.84. Solidarity advt.

" District six election issue

" Hindu body calls for boycott - advt. Hindus strive for democracy

" Kader Hassim detained in Pietermaritzburg.

" 6 candidates pull out of elections.

" Congress man A.S.Chetty loses his job.

" Agent claims assault.

" Elections pamphlets under the name of Jamiatul Ulama were being investigated for fraud.

" Pupils face suspensions

" Grey Street shops closed.

" Don't vote.

" Why have our leaders been detained - on 21.8.84.

" U.D.F. advt. A.Sisulu, Rev. Makatshwa, D.Nyembe, Mrs. Gumede and
Frank Chikane.

26.8.84 Advt. Mahomed Khan

" Coloureds and Africans in year 2000.

" Coloureds voters.

" Indians call to PM over Houses in Tricam.

" Security cops in campus.

" Exposed man behind bomb terror

" Editorial comment cartoon



28.8.84 Prediction of under 20% poll

" Banks threat

" No big pay rises for officials

" Mthethwa not our detainee says police.

" Residents free from riot - torn township.

29-8-94 Victors blame low polls on detentions

" Buthelezi meeting in Lamontville gets an official go - ahead.

" Suprise results in Reservoir Hills

" Special votes : three way row rages on

" New constitution not acceptable to majority, says Cronje

" Editorial comments.

" Archbishop Hurley on socialism & Christianity

" Thumbs down for new deal

30.8.94 Cartoon on elections

" Overseas reaction to elections cartoon

" Dismal overseas picture of new dispensation