Bhana Collection
 Accession : 957

 Documents 1920's

Volume contains the following documents :
+ The first annual report of the South African Indian Congress (1923)
+ Documents relating to the new Asiatic Bill and the alleged breach of faith / C F Andrews. re : Areas Reservation and Immigration & Registration Bill (1925); Smuts - Gandhi agreement (1914); Indentured Indian labour & Immigration (extracts)
+ Statement submitted by a deputation from the SAIC to Minister (1925) rec. : Smuts - Gandhi agreement; Areas Reservation Bill, trade licences & insolvencies and land ownership
+ Presidential address by J W Godfrey to SAIC, 6th emergency session
+ SAIC Report, 6th emergency session (6/7Dec 1926) re: Asiatic Bill, Abdurahaman Deputation, C F Andrews, Colour Bar (1926), local Government Bill, M K Gandhi, Mrs Sarojini Naidoo & al India Congress Committee
+ First Indian Trade Union Congress (1928)
+ Documents relating to condonation of Indians who have illicitly entered the Union of South Africa (1928)SAIC
+ SAIC Annual Conference (1928). re: Cape Town Agreement , Round Table Conference, Transvaal British Indian Association, Immigration restriction - Transkie, Immigration & Indian Relief (further provisions) Bill 1927, Liquor Bill (1927), Trade licences &
employment; SAIC constitution
+ Memorandum on Indian education in Natal / K P Kichlu (1928). re: statistics on Teachers, subsidy, private, public, govt aided, farm and vernacular schools. Summary & recommendations included.
+ SAIC Conference 9th session (24/26 Jan 1929). re: condonation of illicit immigrants, Liquor Bill, Repatriation, employment, education trade licences & S Sastri
+ Habibullah memo (9/5/29). re: employment and conditions of repatriates in India.
+ Tyson Communication (1929) re: educate entrants, The Indian Technical Education Committee, Syllabus & prospectus - Sastri College (1930)
+ Miscellaneous documents (1920-1929). re: Natal Ordinances, landownership, Group Areas, evictions, franchise, trade legislation, immigration restriction & conditions thereof
+ Documents relating to the Indian question / compiled by C F Andrews re: Gokhale's speeches, Passive Resistance & Tolstoy's letters to Gandhi, Gandhi's farewell speech, Indian Relief Bill & $3 tax.


 Documents 1930's

The volume contains the ff. documents :
+ The Asiatic Land Tenure (Amendment) Bill commonly known as the Transvaal Asiatic Bill (1930) : a brief survey / SAIC re: segregation in trade, occupations and residences, Asiatic Inquiry Committee (1921); trade licences, landownership, statement of
Acts with commentaries
+ Statement of the SAIC to the Gvt. of India delegation to the Second Round Table Conference .. (1932). re: Assisted Emigration & repatriation, Transvaal Asiatic Tenure Bill; Housing & sanitation immigration, Liquor Act; Round Table Conference; Trade
legislation; employment; domicile; Indian Immigration Trust Board
+ SAIC presidential address / A Christopher (1930) re: segregation in trade, occupation & residence domicile
+ SAIC Emergency Conference (14th session, 1933) re: Assisted emigration, Indian Colonization Scheme, Indian Colonization Enquiry Committee
+ Memo submitted to the Provisional Finance Commission / SAIC (1933) re: immigration, franchise, White labour Policy, taxation, trade licences, unemployment & social welfare, technical & higher education, legislation & power of local authorities


 Documents 1940's

Volume contains the ff. documents :
+ Final memo submitted by the Natal Indian Association to the Indian Penetration Commission (1940). re: housing, penetration, domicile & Immigration, segregation, landownership
+ All African Convention (1944)...addresses by Gool & Tabata. re: Non- European United Front
+ Final statement and schedules on the subject of alleged Indian Penetration into predominantly European areas: submitted to the Broome Commission / NIC. re : Indian penetration, landownership & housing - statistics
+ A refutation of the European agitation against Indian penetration / NIA (1943) re: Indian penetration, housing, Durban City Council, Broome Commissions, Immigration
+ Presidential address (first provincial Conference) / J W Godfrey 1944 re: franchise, education
+ Memo on Civic status to Broome Commission (1944) / Natal Indian Judicial Commission. re: Indian penetration franchise
+ Statement on the alleged question of Indian Penetration with a copy of Trading and Occupation of land Restriction Bill) / NIC re: landownership & trade
+ Important correspondences between the Govt. of India & the Gvt. of the Union of SA on class areas Bill... re: Areas Reservation Bill, Paddison deputation that waited on Smuts / SAIC (1946) re: Round Table Conference, Pegging Act (1943), Transvaal Land
& Trading Act (1939)
+ Petition of the SAIC to.. parliament (1946) re: Asiatic Land & Tenure R Indian Representation Act, franchise.
+ Text of talk to PMB rotary / A I Kajee
+ Memo .. NIO, TIO & CIC (Cape Indian Congress) to Smuts. re: Round Table Conference.
+ Memo of the Natal Indian Organisation to members of the United Nations on the treatment of Indians in South Africa
+ Indian political movements in S A / South African Police Report - 1948 re: biography of politicians & history of political organisations
+ Supplementary statement submitted by the NIO to the Judicial Commission on Durban Riots (1949).
+ Agenda book / NIC first biennial Conference (1947). re: legislation, Passive Resistance (1946/1947)
+ Memo.. SAIO to.. T E Donges (1948). re: apartheid, housing, education, employment, social welfare, trade licences.


 Documents 1950's

Volume contains the ff. documents :
+ Report of the Joint Planning Council of the ANC & the SAIC (National Conference, 1952). re: Defiance Campaign, Group Areas Act, Suppression of Communism Act
+ Memorandum submitted jointly by the ANC & the SAIC to the United Nations Commission on racial discrimination in S A. re: bannings
+ The Group Areas Act : its implications & consequences / G M Naicker
+ Memorandum submitted to the Land Tenure Advisory Board on the proposed proclamation of Group Areas in Durban /NIC re: Defiance Campaign
+ Letter to a European / G M Naicker (1946)
+ The Congress of the people
+ NIC Annual Conference : addresses 1954. re: education, housing, S A Broadcasting Corporation
+ Review of the age - priority admission scheme in Indian schools / S Coopan (Indian Education Committee)
+ Agenda book - 10th Conference, 1957 / NIC. re: politics, housing & amenities, transportation, labour, platoon schools & education
+ Agenda book, 12th Conference, 1959 /NIC. re: politics, Group Areas,
+ The franchise in S A / I C Meer (1959)


 Documents 1970's

Volume includes the ff. documents :
+ Internal developments / NIC. re : UNO, unemployment, education, non-racial Congress, housing & amenities
+ Memo...SAIC to United Nations (1960) re: State of emergency
+ Agenda Book (23rd Conference, 1961) / SAIC. re: apartheid, Indian Affairs department
+ Natal Indian Congress - constitution
+ Memo presented to International Cricket Conference (1974) SA Cricket Board of control. re : apartheid in sport
+ The Congress position on the new Constitutional proposals. re: House of Delegates, President's Council, franchise
+ Human Rights Day / M J Naidoo (1974). re: Racial laws
+ The white fear / conference on Race Discrimination
+ Inter Cabinet Council
+ Statements by NIC. re: Fatima Meer, elections, detente, SAIC, Oriental Bazaar Traders
+ The negative influence of cultural and economic disengagement from South Africa on intercommunity relations / Pat Poovalingham
+ Petition by SAIO to Parliament (1951). re: Group Areas Bill