Islam : Various Aspects

Sulliman, Ebrahim : A historical study of the largest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere, namely the Jumma Masjid. 1985. Mini-Thesis (B.A. Hons)


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Dangor, S : The Family Relationship in Islam

  Islam in South Africa : Reference Works - bibliographies, indexes, chronology
  Baker, Abdul Taliep : Exploring the foundations of an Islamic identity in a global context : a study of the nature and origins of Cape Muslim identity (Thesis, 2009)
  Patel, Nadia : The South African Indian Muslim family : personal narratives
  Vahed, Goolam :  Indians, Islam and the meaning of South African citizenship - A question of identities
   Moodley : Missionary Work of Hazrath Soofie Saheb
  Hofmeyr, J and G.C. Oosthuizen : Religion in a South African Indian community-1981 [Hinduism, Islam, Christianity]


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