Newspaper Cuttings
 The Centre collects and sorts newspaper cutting according to subject categories. The following categories have been identified and now forms the basis of the Centre's newspaper collection. The period covered is 1999 to 2000.

Affirmative Action
African Renaissance
AIDS - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Alternate medicine X Health - traditional Healing
Ancestoral Worship X Shahid Vawda Collection
Apartheid and Racism X Racism and Apartheid
Architecture X Art and Architecture
Art and Architecture
Arts and Crafts

Black X aspects e.g. culture, comm.
Black Empowerment X Commerce : Black Empowerm.
Black People (consists of different race groups, Xhosa, Herero, Zulu)
Bose, Chandra
Business XX Commerce
Business : Indian
Business and Private Partnerships

Capital Punishment X Social : child Abuse
Child Abuse X Social : child abuse
Commerce XX Labour
Commerce XX Business
Commerce : Black Empowerment
Crime - murder, theft, rape and car hijacking
Crime - Death Penalty
Crime - Taxi violence
Culture (General)
Culture - Witchcraft
Customary Law
Customs and Tradition X Culture and Tradition

Domestic violence X Social - Domestic violence
Domestic workers X Labour - Domestic workers
Drama and Plays

Education - General (including, Universities, protests, Examinations)
Elections - IEC, Voter education
Elections - 1999 XX Box on subject
Employment XX Labour
Employment Equity Bill
Entertainment X Film, radio and TV
Entertainment X Recreation and Entertainment
Entertainment ` X Drama and Plays
Ethnicity and Race XX Race and Racism
Euthanasia X Death Penalty

Faction Fights X Shahid Vawda Collection
Family murders X Social - domestic violence
Film, Radio and TV
Foreign Relations - South Africa & India, China and other countries

Gandhi XX Gandhi Archives
Goonam, K
Govinthu, K X biographies

Hansard Debates
Health - Traditional healing
Health XX AIDS
Health (General)
Health and Sex Education XX Aids
Housing XX Towns, cities and Townships
Housing XX Squatter settlements
Human Rights XX Human Rights Commission - Journal

Illegal Aliens XX Immigration and Emigration
Inanda Violence X Phoenix file
India XX Foreign Relations - India
India - Foreign Affairs
India - Trade
Indo-African Politics & Relations
Influx Control XX Illegal Aliens
Informal Sector

Justice System

Labour XX Job summit
Labour XX Labour Relations Act
Labour XX Employment
Labour (General)
Labour - Domestic workers
Labour - Labour Relations Act
Labour - strikes
Land Claims Commission
Law and Legislation XX Justice System
Law and Legislation XX Truth and Reconciliation
Lutuli, Albert X Lutuli Files

Mandela X Mandela and ANC Files
Marriage, mixed
Masakane (Self-help) X Commerce : Black Empowerment
Migrant Workers X Labour, Shahid Vawda Collection
Millennium YK2
Multi-culturalism XX Mixed marriages
Music & Dance

Natal Indian Congress
Necklacing X Phyllis Naidoo Collection
Non-Aligned Movement X NAM Files

Peace and Conflict Resolution
Politics XX Elections
Politics (General ) including organisations e.g. UDM, IFP, ANC, NNP, COSATU e.t.c
Poverty XX Squatter Settlements
Prisons & Prisoners (including strikes and protests)

Races, Mixed X Mixed Races
Racism and Apartheid
Radio and TV X Film, Radio and TV
Recreation - Gambling and Casinos
Recreation and Entertainment
Rural Development and Communities

SABC - Television and radio, - IBA
SABC XX Film, Radio and TV
Sex Education X Health and Sex Education
Social - Child abuse
Social - Domestic violence
Social - Natural disasters (floods, tornadoes etc.)
Social Life
Social Welfare : Street Children
Social Welfare (General) include. disasters, Tornado victims, RDP in rural areas
Social Welfare - Poverty
South African National Defence Force (SANDF)
Sport and Recreation
Squatter Settlements

Tourism XX Tourism Box
Towns , Cities and Townships incl. Daveyton, Johannesburg, Thokoza, Bophelong
Trade XX Business
Trade XX Commerce
Trade Unions X Labour : Trade Unions
Trade Unions X Strikes
Traditional Healing X Health - traditional Healing
Traditional Leaders
Tribal Chiefs X Traditional Leaders
Truth and Reconciliation Commission
TV X Film, Radio and TV

UDW XX UDW Archive
UDW - student and SRC
UDW - student boycotts
United Democratic Front

Welfare X Social Welfare
Witchcraft X Culture - witchcraft
Women and child abuse
Women (General)
Women and Children
Women in Politics
Women in Profession

Youth Day X Phoenix files
Youth Day X Youth Files