Indentured Labour and Socio-Economic Conditions

Burrows, R : Indian Life and Labour in Natal

Coolie Commission Report (1872 - Indentured Indians)

  Report of the Indian Immigrants Commission - 1885- 7 (Wragg Commission)

Indenture Laws (1859-1950) 

List of Laws (From Chinappa, K History of the Asiatic Bazaar in Pretoria)
Indentured Indian History - 1860
Sheik, N : Labouring under the Law: Exploring the Agency of Indian Women under Indenture in Colonial Natal, 1860 – 1911
Chetty, K : Girmitya tales : an odyssey
Pather, S R : Centenary of Indians in South Africa : a record of a hundred years of Indian progress in various spheres of activity . 1960
Indenture Banners
Kearney, B : Bamboo square : a documentary narrative of the 'Indian and Native cantonment' at the Point , 1873-1903
Jagganath, G From indentureship to transnationalism : professional Indian women in Durban, Kwazulu-Natal (Thesis, 2008)
Badassy, Prinisha : "- and my blood became hot!" : crimes of passion, crimes of reason : an analysis of the crimes against masters and mistresses by their Indian domestic servants, Natal, 1880-1920 (Thesis, 2005)
Sheik, N : Making the Personal Civil: The Protector’s Office and the Administration of Indian Personal Law in Colonial Natal, 1872 – 1907
Badassy, Prinisha : “and my blood became hot!” Crimes of Passion, Crimes of Reason: An analysis of the crimes of murder and physical assault against Masters and Mistresses by their Indian Domestic Servants, Natal, 1880-1920
  Badassy, Prinisha : TURBANS AND TOP HATS Indian Interpreters in the Colony of Natal, 1880-1910
Lalla, JH : Indentured Indian Migration : an historical investigation into the possible reasons for Indians emigrating from their places of origin (with particular reference to the United Provinces and the Madras Presidency) to the Colony of Natal.
Moodley, Pathmaloshini : Indentured Indian Immigration to Natal, 1860- 1870 with special reference to the Hindu Caste System and its implications
Singh, S S : The pioneers on the Truro and Belvedere (in Hindu heritage)
Indenture Conditions (Indian Patriot, April 1909)
Indian Interpretters (Pages_Badassy_P_Turbans_Top_hats1880-1910-3)
Kandasamy, NR : A Brief history of the Glendale Sugar Mill
Pillay, M. S. : The Dundee Coal Company Emphasis on the Closing Years (1950 – 1962)


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