File Location / Classification
Subject- Descriptions
D Housing HOUSING Affluent housing and shack settlements
D How we live Books/How_we_Live Housing (Railway Barracks, Magazine Barracks, Benoni); Indians - Socio-economic conditions (Poverty)
D The Indian in Natal : is he a victim of oppression? Books/Indian-in-Natal Education; housing; Sport and Recreation; Commerce; Health
D The Indian South African 1975 Books/Indian-South-African-1975 Commerce; Religion (Temples etc.); Education; Housing; Health; Social Welfare
D Indian Trader Books/Indian-Trader Commerce; Housing; Social Organisations
D Jithoo, S : Structure and developmental cycle of the Hindu joint family in Durban Books/Jithoo_structure Housing (Reservior Hills, Tin Town); Market Gardening; Costume; Religion
D South African Indian 1956 Books/South African Indian 1956 Housing; Commerce, Industry and Trade; Sport and Recreation


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