PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLECTIONS : ARTS (Art, Dance, Drama, Crafts, Cookery, Music)

File Location / Classification
Subject- Descriptions
DC Benjamin Ganasen Paintings ART Art; Paintings on Indenture and Socio-economic conditions ; Commerce; India - village scenes
DC Lalitha Jawhirilall photographic collection ART Paintings : Street Painting - collecton contains painting of Steve Biko and Mahatma Gandhi
D Bushman Caves and Rock Art BLACK Archaeology; Anthropology; Artworks
* Wyatt Stayt photographic Collection ART Childrens art and exhibition
D Indian Delight photographic collection ARTS/HE (Home Economics) Cookery; Cuisine
D Food Stalls HIST/150-YEARS_MOSES_MABHIDA Food stalls at exhibition tent - 150 years arrival of Indians celebrtaion at Moses Mabhida Stadium
D Arts and Crafts : Indian ARTS/CRAFTS Handicrafts
D Beadwork BLACK African women engaged in beadwork
DC N. P. David Collection ARTS/CRAFTS Embroidery - various topics
D Oriental Crafts ARTS/CRAFTS Oriental carpets and embroidery
DC Rangoli Collection ARTS/CRAFTS Rangoli Exhibition in Reservior Hills - consisting of rangoli artwork on flowers, religious topics and birds
D Vivek Naicker Collection Handicrafts (D844) ARTS/CRAFTS Handicrafts - Lenasia Exhibition
D Dance and Dancers ( D449 and D804) ARTS/DANCE Dancers : Reka Devi and Suria Naidoo
D Folk Dance Festival Luxmi Narayan Temple ARTS/DANCE Folk Dance
DC Kumari Rajasalochana Dance Institute ARTS/DANCE Kumari Rajasalochana Dance Institute Arangetrams
DC Rani Nydoo and Sister ARTS/DANCE Anusha Naidoo Dance Troupe; Rani Nydoo and Sister
D Dance : other ARTS/DANCE Leona Dean Dance Academy
D Indian classical dancers HIST/150-YEARS_MOSES_MABIDA Classical Dancers; Zulu Dancers
DC Muthoo Pillay Collection ARTS/DRAMA Dramatist; Playwright; Singer; Muthu Pillay family; Star Orchestra
D UDW Music Department ARTS/MUSIC  
* Circus Act : the Baker family BIOGRAPHY/B Circus and entertainment acts
D Jithoo, S : Structure and developmental cycle of the Hindu joint family in Durban Books/Jithoo_structure Housing (Reservior Hills, Tin Town); Market Gardening; Costume- Dress and fashion; Religion


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