Markets, market gardening and Hawking

Employment, Labour and Trade Unions


Arkin, AJ : The Contribution of the Indians to the South African Economy 1860 1970

Industry : Clothing and Manufacturing

Bhoola Family : Pages from Patel,S : Indian Businessmen in the Durban Area  
Indian Trader
  Durban City Council: The Indian in Natal : is he a victim of Oppression ? [Professions, commerce]
 The Third world challenge [business, affirmative action and third world economy]
Commerce : 1920 1930 [RB Maharaj collection]
Moola, AM : Indians in Commerce [in Indian centenary brochure- 1860 1960]
McCrystal, LP & Maasdorp : Role of the Indian in Natal's economy
Ballim, YA : A study of strategic manangement among Indian Businesses of Durban
Patel, S : Indian Businessmen in the Durban Area [Patel, Bhoola, Amra, Hassim and Roopanand families]
Moodley, P : A brief biography of my maternal grandfather Mr Rangasamy Pillay who was a professional sienne netter for approximately sixty years
Van Der Heever, IM : The Durban Central Business District : A Delimitation and Land Use Study
Jitlhoo, S : The Dynamics of lndian Family Firms in Durban
Moodley, Lucille Claudia. (2010). An exploration of the reasons surrounding Indian businesswomen's involvement in home-based business in Shallcross
The Indian South African 1975
Calpin, GH : A I Kajee His Work for the SA Indian Community
Govindasamy, Thiloshini : Critical success factors of successful Indian entrepreneurs in the Tshwane metropolitan area
Hoosen, Reishana : Assessment of the role of Indian women in South African family-owned businesses
Moodley, Sugenthiran : Major factors contributing to the sustainable profitability of South African Indian family businesses
Pillay, M. S. : The Dundee Coal Company Emphasis on the Closing Years (1950 – 1962)
  Tambuti Singh (Furniture manufacture)
Kandasamy, NR : A Brief history of the Glendale Sugar Mill


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