Gandhi Collection
  Gandhi, M K : An Autobiography or The Story of my Experiments with Truth
  Gandhi - Full text Publications
  Gandhi Publications online

Nash, Andrew : Gandhi in South Africa - an interpretation


Gandhi in South Africa - banners


Jagarnath,V : South African Gandhi - an historiographic review

  K. Chetty : Gandhi : mahatma in the making 1893-1914. Published by the University of Durban-Westville, Durban, 1996.
  Chetty, K : Women played important role in early Struggle(1913 Passive Resistance-Gandhi)
  Chetty, K : Women Join Resistance (1913 Passive Resistance)
  Chetty, K : Gandhi - religion in action (Passive Resistance 1913)
  Chetty, K : Role of women and the Phoenix Settlement During The Resistance (1913 Passive Resistance)
  Mahatma Gandhi - a brief profile in Gandhi, Luthuli, King, Mandela : a legacy for the future / Documentation Centre, University of Durban-Westville. 1998.
  Gandhi : a profile
   Abraham, Garth : ‘Gandhi and Tolstoy’
  Chronology -- Mahatma Gandhi
   Patchai, B : Life of Mahatma Gandhi (in) Indian_Centenary Commemoration Brochure 1860-1960
  Chronology - Mahatma Gandhi
  Reddy, ES : Gandhi and Africans in SA

Mahatma Gandhi and John Dube

  Book List On Gandhi donated by Fatima Meer
  Ela Gandhi, M.P. (ANC), 1 July 1950-
  Gandhi, Manilal : SA Indian Whos Who 1971-1972
  Reddy, ES : Dadoo, Gandhi and South African Struggle 1989, Sept 16
  Vahed, Goolam : 'African Gandhi' the South African War and limits of Imperial Identity
  M. K. Gandhi : a profile
  Mestrie, Uma : Writing the life of Manilal Mohandas Gandhi
  Satyagraha in Pursuit of Truth


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