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On : LENNY NAIDU (1964-1988)

Lenny Naidu, a member of the African National Congress and member of the military wing of the ANC, the Umkonto we Sizwe, fled South Africa and went into hiding in Swaziland. While he and 8 women Cadres were re-entering South Africa via Piet Retief, they were ambushed by security forces- all nine were ambushed and killed. Lenny’s mutilated body was identified by his mother, Neela Naidoo, who narrates his story….She tells of the heavily armed guards and security presence at Lenny’s funeral, the arrival of 25 bus loads of supporters from the Townships. Lenny was given a full ANC burial with full ANC honours (flag). Later she visits the site of the ambush and evidence was given before the TRC (Truth and Reconcialiation Commission) by Lenny’s Brother. It was found that Lenny was unarmed at the time and De Kok, the Commander of the Unit, admits at the hearing that this was indeed the fact. Despite a mere R10,000 compensation by the TRC, the trauma experienced by the members of the family will live for ever.

Compiled by K. Chetty