Help on Troubleshooting

1. Q? I am trying to listen to the synchronised audio and text option (e.g. Vish Supersadh interview) but cannot.

Answer : Please use Real Media 10.0 or Higher. Download from the VOR home Page - use the link. I do not think that ealrier versions would work. Earlier versions of Real Media is okay if you want to listen to the audio only. - see point 5 below on how to listen and read the text simultaneously.

2. Q? I cannot listen to and read text simultaneosly even though I have real Media 10.0. I get an error message "'requested file not found"' ?

Answer : Use a Version of Netscape or Explorer that works (or any other browser). If one Browser does not work, try another. Netscape 7.1 does not work for me but Netscape communicator 4.5 works. Similarly, Explorer version 6.0 works.


3. Q? I cannot see part of the text while the audio/text is playing.

Answer : This means that the audio and text are not synchronised at the point of listening. To solve this problem rewind the audio text a few seconds earlier by moving the knob on the Real Media to the left until the text is aligned (usually one click to the left would suffice).

4. Q? It takes long to load the Audio/Text.

Answer : Streaming software is not as yet installed on the server.

5 Q? I would like to listen to the audio and be able to read the text simultaneously.

Answer : We are working on that. Presently, only the Vish Supersadh interview has this option to see the text scroll while listening to the interview. This feature is powerful as you can move to any part of the audio text and the corresponding text is viewable. In the meantime click on the interview transcript and then click on the corresponding `click here to listen to audio as well` . You should be able to listen to the interview while scrolling down the transcript. To get to another point of the interview click on the audio and manually adjust the transcript text accordingly.

6. email Webmaster : K. Chetty




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