Devi Bughwan

THE SABC recently announced the appointment of Professor Devi Bughwan to the Advisory Board of the SABC's television service. The announcement of Professor Bughwan's appointment came in the wake of the appointment of Indian and Coloured continuity announcers on Television 1.


The breakthrough for Professor Bughwan is only one of many achievements in a life full of successes. On matriculating with a distinction in English at the young age of 15, Professor Bughwan attained a BA degree at the age of 18. Professor Bughwan became the first Indian woman to receive an MA degree in English in 1949. In 1970 Professor Bughwan attained a doctorate in literature and Philosophy through UNISA.


In addition to her academic qualifications Professor Bughwan has a great wealth of experience in the performing arts. Some of this experience was gained outside the country. Her training also covers the area of English linguistics. In 1959 she was appointed as an announcer by the SABC on the Indian radio programme broadcast on Sunday mornings. In 1961 she was chosen to play the role of "Rohini" in Krishna Shah's production of "King of the Dark Chamber." Professor Bughwan also studied drama at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre after gaining a scholarship from the British Council. She spent a sabbatical leave at Yale University's drama school which only opened its hallowed doors to women in 1969. Professor Bughwan said that she believed her appointment was related to her vast educational training and her general experience in the performing arts which the SABC may have deemed suitable for the post. Professor Bughwan indicated that she wanted people to inform her of what they would like to see on South African television and she would advise the Board of SABC's television service accordingly.

 Fiat Lux, September 1983, p.22