Diwali : its significance  

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Speech by Nelson Mandela at the Durban City Hall, Sunday, 3 November 1991. " Diwali brings back for me memories of days on Robben Island. "

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Heritage India - Costumes, Languages,Religion, Culture, Art, Craft,Dance, Music, Indian Cuisines, Indian Mythology,
Heritage India - Costumes, Languages, Religion, Culture, Art, Craft, Dance, Music, Indian Cuisines, Indian Mythology, Fairs & Festivals of India .

Diwali - The festival of lights
At a symbolic level, Diwali signifies the victory of good over evil. It celebrates the slaying of Narakasura, heralds the return of Lord Rama and unfolds the days when Goddess Lakhshmi can be worshipped with zeal.

Durban's official function
Durban's diwali celebrations, Monday, October 20 1997 .

Hindu Festival Dates 2000 and 2001
Hindu Festival Dates 2000 and 2001.

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In Tamil Nadu Diwali is celebrated before dawn with a round of oil baths, sweets and firecrackers. V Gangadhar recalls those early morning festivities...