Indian : Social and Cultural Aspects

Parsees in South Africa

Tamils in South Africa

Schauffer, Dennis : In the Shadow of the Shah : the Indic contribution to our developing South African Culture. 1994.
Naidoo, Muthal : The search for a cultural identity ( 1993)
  Marriage and Family : Indians in South Africa
Kuper, H : Indian People in Natal (1960)
Caste System
Socio-Cultural Organisations
  Naidoo, Kista Applesamy : An investigation into the factors exerting a subtractive influence on Telegu and its culture [Andhra Sabhas]
Costume, Clothing, Dress and Jewellery
  Dlomo, Thabisile : An investigation into cultural barriers in intercultural communication between Blacks and Indians at Durban Institute of Technology [00Front.pdf , 01Content.pdf , 02Dissertation.pdf ]
  MUSLIMS (See Also Religion-Islam)
Baker, Abdul Taliep : Exploring the foundations of an Islamic identity in a global context : a study of the nature and origins of Cape Muslim identity (Thesis, 2009)



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