Hofmeyr, J and G.C. Oosthuizen : Religion in a South African Indian community-1981 [Hinduism, Islam, Christianity]

Hindu Religion and Culture

  Hindu Temples
Naidoo, V R ; Our glorious heritage : a dravidian experience (Hinduism, Temples)
Naidoo, T : Hindu Religion and the Family
Naidoo, T : The Parsee Community of South Africa [Zoroastrianism]
Chotai, S : Ambassadors of Hindu culture, religioin and philosophy [Professor Bhai Parmanand, Pandit Rishiram, Swami Bhawani Dayal Sannyasi, MC Varman, etc]
 Kuper, H : Indian People in Natal (1960)
  Religious Organisations
  Biographies of Religious personalities
  Naidoo, Chandrawathie. (2010) The provision of religious and cultural information by the reformed Hindu organisations in the greater Ethekwini region.
  Jithoo, S : Structure and developmental cycle of the Hindu joint family in Durban
  Moodley, Pathmaloshini : Indentured Indian Immigration to Natal, 1860- 1870 with special reference to the Hindu Caste System and its implications
  Shukla, UD: Contributions and relevance of the Ramcharitmanas in the Hindi diaspora [Ramayan- Hindu Religious text]
  Vahed, Goolam Swami Shankeranand and the Consolidation of Hinduism in Natal, 1908-1914 (File available at Documentation Centre)
  Lalla, BD : The future of Hinduism in South Africa [from Hindu Heritage]


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