Khumalo, V : Ekukhanyeni letter-writers - Notes towards a social history of letter writing in
KwaZulu / Natal – South Africa, 1890 – 1900 [Black Missions]


Norman, B : Responsible Government in Natal and the American Zulu Mission 1893-1907

  Oosthuizen, G C : Succession conflict within the Church of the Nazarites (Shembe) . ISER
  Houle, R : Becoming Amakholwa - Revival and the formation of group identity on the stations of the American Zulu Mission, 1890-1910
  Hofmeyr, I : Dreams, Documents and Passports to Heaven : African Christian Interpretations of The Pilgrim’s Progress
  Denis, P & Phiri, I :  “There is also apartheid in our homes” Interviewing leaders of black women’s Christian organisations in KwaZulu-Natal
  The August 1985 attack on the Federal Theological Seminary of Southern Africa [FEDSEM]
  Jeannerat, C : Writing faith in the life of S.M.Dzivhani [Berlin Mission Society (BMS)]


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