Housing, Informal Settlements and Shack dwelling
  Durban City Council: The Indian in Natal : is he a victim of Oppression ?
  The Indian South African 1975
  Rankin, S : Housing aspirations in the Coloured Community of Durban
  Durban [Grey Street, housing, Central Business District etc.]
  Pithouse, R : The Left in the slum : the rise of a shack dwellers’ movement in Durban, South Africa

Pithouse, R & Desai, A : ‘But We Were Thousands’ Dispossession, Resistance, Repossession and Repression in Mandela Park [ Evictions ]

  Kearney, B : Bamboo square : a documentary narrative of the 'Indian and Native cantonment' at the Point , 1873-1903
  Jithoo, S : Structure and developmental cycle of the Hindu joint family in Durban
  Burrows, R : Studies in indian employment in Natal


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