PHOTOGRAPHS : Albert John Luthuli

Albertina Luthuli receiving prize on behalf of her father.


Chief Luthuli was keenly interested in farming. He set out to imporive agricultural methods in Groutville where he lived .

Funeral procession of Chief Luthuli.



Crowd at Luthuli's funeral.

Chief Luthuli's House.


Chief Luthuli at Prayer Service.



Luthuli receiving the Nobel Prize.

Nokukhanya Luthuli, wife of Chief Luthuli being interviwed by journalist.

Luthuli in traditional dress on receipt of nobel prze.

Luthuli delivers sermon at the cathedral. Sermon is interpretted by the Bishop of Stavangar.

Luthuli with the Bhishop of Oslo (left) and Bishop of Stavangar (right)

Luthuli with his wife and others.